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Preceptor Training Workshop - Evaluations, Student Performance Evaluation

One of the most critical changes in student assessment that we incorporated in the master assessment plan was the implementation of Student Performance Evaluations. In the past, the students were not held accountable but for a given time element or hourly component. They simply could show up and receive credit for their internship or field experiences. Union's athletic training students are subject to a performance evaluation every eight weeks. This evaluation gives the approved clinical instructor the opportunity to give feedback in criticism or praise to the students for their willingness to assert themselves in the field. This evaluation accounts for 25% of their clinical grade. The method of assessment is described below. For an example of a completed performance evaluation, please click on the link on the right side of the page.

This student performance evaluation is provided for the purpose of assessing the professional/personal performance of the Athletic Training Student in the clinical setting. The assessment provided below is based on the expectations of an Athletic Training Student participating in Union University's Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP).

Method of Assessment
The assessment of the student's clinical field experiences will be based on a scale of 1-5. Each numerical value represents the given assessment of the students' performance as rated by the Preceptor. The Preceptor will rate the student's performance as the following: (5) Excellent - the student performs duties and exhibits these qualities all of the time; (4) Good - the student performs duties and exhibits these qualities the majority of the time, but not always; (3) Average - the student performs duties and exhibits these qualities at an acceptable/satisfactory level, but he/she should be more attentive; (2) Poor - the student performs duties and exhibits these qualities occasionally, but often needs to be prompted; (1) Unacceptable - the student rarely performs duties or exhibits these qualities/ has little or no pride in personal performance or the ATEP program; or (0) Insufficient Data - the Preceptor does not have enough data on the student to support an evaluation.

Athletic Training Students in Union University's Athletic Training Education Program are expected to exhibit the following personal qualities: promptness, professional appearance, ability to cooperate with peers, mentors, and figures of authority, the ability to follow rules and guidelines, assertiveness and eagerness to learn, good communication skills, and a reflection of Christian behavior. This evaluation also measures the Clinical Instructor's assessment of the student's ability to perform athletic training skills in the clinical setting. Each of these qualities is evaluated by the Approved Clinical Instructor who is supervising the student's clinical rotation/field experience.

Grading Policy
These evaluations (mid-term and end-of-semester) will represent 25% of the total grade as applied to the Athletic Training Student's clinical course.