Becoming a Preceptor


Program Effectiveness

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Preceptor Training Workshop - Preceptor Responsibilities

This is the list of responsibilities as drafted out of the NATA Educational Competencies 5th Edition (2012). The responsibilities of a Preceptor varies greatly from program to program, but all Preceptor's do take an active part in the supervised field experiences of athletic training students. My pitch to you is, please become involved with the assessment process, but only as much as you are comfortable with. Each student also has a classroom instructor in their current clinical that can also assess clinical skills for competency. The more you become familiar with our method of assessments, the more confident you will feel in challenging our students in structured skills demonstrations.

B3.3 Preceptor Responsibilities
A Preceptor must:

  • B3.31 provide instruction and/or evaluation of the Athletic Training Educational Competencies
  • B3.32 provide assessment of athletic training students' clinical proficiency
  • B3.33 have regular communication with the appropriate ATEP Administrator
  • B3.34 demonstrate understanding of and compliance with the policies and procedures of the ATEP.