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Program Effectiveness

Instructional Skills


Preceptor Training Workshop - Training Specifications

The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education Programs is very specific on their requirements for the training of each program Preceptor. In accordance with the CAATE Standards for Accreditation of Entry-Level Athletic Training Education Programs (2008) Preceptor training must include instruction in the following content areas:

B3.24 Preceptor training must include the following content areas:

  • B3.241 learning styles and instructional skills
  • B3.242 review of the Athletic Training Educational Competencies
  • B3.243 evaluation of student performance and feedback
  • B3.244 instructional skills of supervision, mentoring, and administration
  • B3.245 program/institution-specific policies, procedures, and clinical education requirements
  • B3.246 legal and ethical behaviors
  • B3.247 communication skills
  • B3.248 appropriate interpersonal relationships, and
  • B3.249 appropriate clinical skills and knowledge.

B3.25 be trained/re-trained by the institution's CIE on a minimum of a three year cycle.

If you would like to review the CAATE Standards, please click on the link at the top right of the page. The CAATE standards set all criteria for the administration and delivery of all accredited entry level, graduate or undergraduate athletic training education programs.