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Dr. Ralph Leverett helps a student in class.

Graduate Studies

Degrees Offered

Available on the Jackson and Germantown Campuses
Available on the Jackson, Germantown and Hendersonville Campuses
Available on the Germantown Campus, only

Graduate Opportunities in Education

The graduate programs in education are designed to provide, within a service oriented Christian environment, quality graduate study opportunities to meet the educational needs of five distinct groups.

  • Persons who are licensed teachers and wish to complete graduate degrees in their professional teaching fields, by completing either the M.A.Ed. or M.Ed.

  • Persons with baccalaureate degrees who are not licensed to teach and who do not desire to qualify for a license, but who wish to increase their knowledge of children, young people, and education by completing the M.A.Ed. degree.

  • Persons with baccalaureate degrees who are not licensed to teach but who wish to be. (These persons may choose to apply graduate courses taken to meet licensure requirements toward the M.A.Ed. degree.)

  • Persons with baccalaureate degrees who do not wish to pursue a graduate degree at this time, but who want to take graduate courses for personal or professional growth through M.A.Ed. course offerings. These persons may or may not hold a teaching license.

  • Persons with advanced degrees who wish to pursue a degree in Educational Leadership, either at the specialist level (Ed.S.) or at the doctoral level (Ed.D.)