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Welcome ... Dr. Dianne Morgan

May 6, 2009 - Dr. Dianne Morgan has joined the faculty on Union’s Germantown Campus, as Associate Professor of Education Prior to her tenure at Union University, Dr. Morgan was an Assistant Professor at the University of Memphis. Her expertise includes how culture shapes engagement in learning, language development/acquisition, as well as early childhood development.

She received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degrees from The University of Texas at Austin in the areas of Deaf Culture and Education. She received the Ph.D. at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in Educational Psychology studying human development and engaged learning.

During her graduate studies, she received the Pre-Dissertation AERA Spencer Grant ($16,000). Her dissertation study examined culturally Deaf preschool teachers’ visually based engagement practices and their sense making of those practices, as well as the school setting’s and program philosophy’s influences on those beliefs and practices. Dr. Morgan has presented her research at multiple national conferences and co-written a book chapter examining the school’s function as well as the teacher’s role in primary language acquisition and identity development within the Deaf Education classroom. Her course offerings have included Early Childhood Development in Urban Contexts, Faith and Ethics, Engaged Learning. She has provided guest lectures in Special Education, Cognition, and Learning at both of her alma maters. She has also created seminar classes connecting pre-service educators with community leaders and professionals.

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