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Union Education School a Top Performer in Tennessee

November 1, 2013 - Union University is one of only three universities in Tennessee cited as “having consistently produced teachers that are outperforming other teachers in the state or are on an upward trend in effectiveness scores,” out of forty-two teacher education programs listed in the evaluation, according to the 2013 Annual Report Card published jointly by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and State Board of Education. Lipscomb University and University of Tennessee, Knoxville were the other two traditional teacher preparation programs. Three other non-traditional teacher preparation programs also received the same recognition, placing a total of six teacher preparation programs in this top-tier listing. Memphis Teacher Residency, where Union faculty train teachers at the master’s level in urban education, is one of the non-traditional programs in this ranking (Teacher for America Memphis and Teach for America Nashville were the other two non-traditional programs.). In short, Union University is demonstrating an ability to effectively prepare teachers in both traditional and non-traditional programs.

Dr. Tom Rosebrough serves as the Executive Dean of the College of Education and Human Studies. He is pleased by the state’s recent announcement, saying that “it validates the work of our School of Education faculty and our faculty across the university in our undergraduate and graduate Teacher Education Program, and of course our amazing alumni who are teaching in Tennessee.” Dr. Dottie Myatt, Assistant Dean for Teacher Education, added that “it also validates the strategic work being done in our Union University Teacher Education Initiative, launched February 1, 2011. We have studied what we have been doing well and what we have needed to improve, producing many initiatives including integrated technology, more data-driven assessments, enhanced clinical experiences, and cutting-edge degree programs.”

Highlights from the state report indicate that graduates from Union University’s Teacher Education Program are more effective than veteran teachers in high school Algebra I and in relation to composite scores from the state’s End of Course exam. Likewise, results from the state’s analysis indicate that Union University’s program completers perform at the same level as veteran teachers in several elementary and secondary areas (i.e., 4 th-8 th grade TCAP composite, math, reading, science, and social studies; high school Algebra II, Biology I, English I, and US History end of course exams). Program completers from Union University, according to the Report Card, are more effective than other beginning teachers in 4 th-8 th grade TCAP math, as well as high school End of Course exam composite, Algebra I, and Algebra II.

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