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Miranda Lindsey works as a student teacher at Medina Elementary

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Scholarly Activity Doesn't Stop During Summer Months

October 28, 2003 - Nancy Easley (Germantown) presented "Creating a Positive Climate of Diversity" at the first annual Instructional Leadership Conference for Shelby County Schools in July.

Anna Clifford and Dottie Myatt presented a session entitled "Learning Webs, Problems-based Learning, and Higher Order Thinking" at the CCCU Conference on Technology hosted by Union University in May.

Ralph Leverett presented a day-long workshop in June for the teachers of Gibson County Schools entitled, "Serving Students with Hearing Loss: Listening and Adapting." He also made a two-part presentation for the elementary and middle school teachers of Union City Schools, "Sound-field Amplification: Inexpensive, Inclusive, and Effective" in June.

Kenneth Newman presented a workshop in June addressing strategies for incorporating children's literature to encourage and enhance writing for the faculty of Whitehall Elementary School in Jackson.

Thomas Rosebrough has an article entitled, "Debunk These Ten Myths About Teaching and Learning," in the August/September 2003 issue of Teaching Professor.