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Student Services & General Information

Academic advisor

Undergraduate candidates are assigned an academic advisor from the major department upon entrance to Union; post-baccalaureate candidates are advised by the Assistant Dean for Teacher Education and the program director. The advisor meets with the candidate at least once each semester during priority registration to plan the schedule for the program of study. Other meetings to discuss academic and career plans are encouraged as the candidate or advisor deem necessary or desired.

Practicum/Internship/Student teaching supervision

Candidates enrolled in practicum/internship experiences and student teaching are assigned a university supervisor or coach who observes the candidate regularly in the teaching environment and provides feedback regarding strengths and areas that need strengthening. Weekly meetings are held with the student teacher and the university supervisor.

Assistant Dean for Teacher Education and Accreditation

The Assistant Dean for Teacher Education serves as the Licensing Officer and is available during regular office hours to answer questions regarding programs of study, testing requirements, teacher licensure, employment opportunities, and other topics related to the Educator Preparation Program. The undergraduate candidate is responsible for scheduling an appointment with the Assistant Dean for Teacher Education for a graduation audit during both the junior and senior years to assure completion of requirements for graduation and licensure. The post-baccalaureate candidate is responsible for having the transcript audit completed prior to beginning course work and for asking about changes in licensure programs as directed by the Tennessee State Department of Education to assure that all requirements are met.

Director of Clinical Experiences

The Director of Clinical Experiences is responsible for placement of all field experiences including observations, practica, and student teaching. Other responsibilities of the Director of Clinical Experiences include informing professors and candidates of field experience placements, assigning university supervisors for practicum students and student teachers, acquiring documentation from cooperating schools regarding guidelines for cooperating teachers of student teachers, securing agreements with school systems where field experiences take place, and assisting the Assistant Dean for Teacher Education in additional duties when necessary.

Director of Counseling Services

The services of a full-time licensed psychologist are available through the Office of Student Services to students with personal or emotional concerns, including disabilities. All counseling is held in strict confidence.

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