Keystone Program

Parents Monthly Issue - September 2012

September 2012 update

 Dear Parents,

By this point, your students have completed the first few weeks of classes, have met with their Academic Support Counselors, and have begun getting involved on campus. It’s encouraging to see them finding their footings in the classroom and their places here at Union.

During the month of September, your students will continue participation in the evening Gateway courses required for all new students. This is a time for new Unionites to attain further insight into the culture of Union, wrestle with issues of worldview, and learn to think strategically about important issues. These evening courses are held on Tuesday evenings for the first four weeks of the semester, followed by regular classes that will begin on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 a.m. for the remainder of the semester. Be sure to ask your student what they are learning and processing from this introduction to Union opportunity.

In conjunction with Gateway’s emphasis on engaging culture and thinking critically, students are required to participate in two cultural events throughout the course of the Fall semester. This requirement is designed to prompt students’ interaction with culture and to cause them to put into practice the critical thinking skills valued by the University. Hopefully, your student will be able to find a few events that truly spark his/her interest and further foster the desire to learn!

The weekly meetings provided by the Academic Support Counselors are a highlight of the Keystone Program. This one-on-one accountability and support provides students with motivation and encouragement, as well as practical tips and suggestions for best performance in their classes. These weekly meetings have begun and are off to a strong start. For more information about your student’s meetings, check with him or her; hopefully, they will already have seen how this aspect of the program will be a powerful tool this year.

Additionally, students have been participating in Purposeful Reading as yet another academic support to ensure success at Union. Drs. Singleton and Atkins have been presenting primary instruction, which has been followed up with practical sessions proctored by Mrs. Tignor. The students are gaining a better understanding of how our brains gather and process information, as well as how to take the information they are reading and break it down into manageable and usable pieces. This will be an invaluable skill as they proceed with their course readings. Hopefully, they are already taking time to put what they’re learning into practice!

As we wrap up the summer and the initial stages of your student’s participation in Keystone, we would love to gather feedback on how you felt the transition process has been. We have been in communication with the students in order to determine how we can better serve those involved in the Keystone program and would love parental feedback, as well! As you have time, please send an email to Sherry Tignor ( with your responses to the following questions:

1.    1.   How clearly and accurately was the Keystone admission process communicated by your student’s enrollment counselor and the Keystone office?

2.     2.  How beneficial was the New Student Registration session in June? What elements did you find most helpful?

3.      3. How beneficial was the Move-In Day orientation breakfast? What elements did you find most helpful?

f you have any additional comments or suggestions, we welcome constructive opinions. If you have a few moments to reflect and send your thoughts, please send them to with “Keystone Feedback” in the subject line.

We are excited to work with your students and enable them to find success this semester! We are praying for both our students and families.

The Keystone Team

Union University

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