Keystone Program

Program Opportunities


The office of academic support provides weekly or bi-weekly meetings. The frequency of those meetings is dependent upon the level of need, age, and maturity of the student. Additionally, Keystone students are provided with opportunities to interact with faculty from Union's many disciplines, allowing for exploration of majors and programs offered. We seek to provide students with resources that enable them to make informed decisions about what educational path to choose.


Written Composition I & II (ENG 111 & 112)
These courses are required during the freshman year. Keystone students are placed together in sections of English to establish a "learning community" within the program.

Critical Skills in Composition (ENG 111L)
This course is also a required course to be taken with ENG 111. This course is intended to expand research and writing skills for students admitted to Keystone. This is a one-hour graded course designed and taught through the English department. The class is taught in one of our computer labs which provides students with excellent resources for research.

UNI 195K: Gateway for Keystone Students
This course will facilitate the development and ownership of personal learning in the context of Union's Christian liberal arts approach through critically reflective reading, writing, and interaction. The course will examine personal uniqueness, gifts and strengths as it relates to God's vocational calling. Emphasis will be placed on determining individual learning style to maximize strengths in the classroom. Students will learn to set personal academic and time management goals to enhance academic success. Additional sessions will include topics in exploration of majors and minors, utilization of relaxation techniques and stress management, and understanding learning styles and skills. The UNI 195K class is designed for Keystone students only and lasts for the duration of the fall semester. Four Tuesday evening sessions (90 minutes) for all incoming freshmen are scheduled for the first four weeks of class.

Special Programs

Purposeful Reading
This program is designed to support students as they discover ways to best understand new concepts through written text resulting in a more complete understanding of the content being presented in a college classroom. This program will utilize the textbooks students are currently using in their academic classes. Students will participate in 9 sessions: eight 75-minute sessions during the fall semester enhanced by an individualized follow-up session with program facilitators. Conditions of enrollment may require some students to participate while others may elect to take advantage of this unique opportunity. The nonrefundable cost of this program is $100.00 which will be added the student's account.



Keystone Orientation meetings will be provided to assist parents and students in understanding the University's policies and procedures as well as specifics concerning Keystone. Three unique features are incorporated into Keystone orientation. The first will occur during New Student Registration during the Summer, the second will occur on New Student Move-In day at the beginning of Fall semester, and a third will be provided for transfer students. Families will be notified of the exact dates when admissions to Keystone and Union have been completed.


Keystone will provide both students and parents with a personal resource for academic information and support. Mid-semester and final grades are mailed to parents/guardians during the semester. Each Keystone student will be evaluated and reviewed at the end of each semester of the first year in order to determine enrollment status. Monthly updates will be posted on the parent link to keep families apprised of general information concerning Union and the Keystone program.

Cost and Scholarship Opportunity

A nonrefundable fee of $200.00 will be charged to the student's account for Keystone participation. For those required or electing to participate in Purposeful Reading, an additional $100.00 will also be charged. Keystone students are eligible for applicable institutional, state, and federal financial assistance. Additionally, the Keystone Program offers an opportunity for students to earn additional Keystone-specific, renewable scholarships. Each student's eligibility is based on his or her cumulative grade point average (on a 4 point scale) at the end of the second semester:


The Keystone program will be utilizing student-led Keystone tutoring sessions. These sessions will be scheduled through the Office of Academic Support. Tutoring sessions may be individual or small group study sessions. The tutor will be providing support in areas of note taking, test preparation, and subject specific tutoring.

The Hundley Center for Academic Enrichment provides free tutoring services for students needing individual academic tutoring. Students needing supervised study times may be required to attend prescribed sessions and others may elect to attend tutoring sessions. All students are encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful resource.

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