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Beginning with the Leadership of the School of Pharmacy, Union University is promoting an Excellence-Driven academic culture that instills knowledge and advances understanding of biomedical, pharmaceutical, social, behavioral, administrative and clinical sciences. Through the recruitment of professors who are exceptional in their respective fields, student pharmacists benefit greatly from the depth of the faculty's professional expertise, as well as from one-on-one personal and professional mentoring.

Union students have been recognized both regionally and nationally for their work in pharmacy, placing among the top performers in organizational competitions that include a focus on patient counseling, non-prescription drugs, and the application of clinical skills. Our faculty members have received recognition in the areas of innovative teaching, patient counseling, and research. Union's commitment to academic excellence challenges our students and faculty alike.


Throughout every academic pursuit in the School of Pharmacy, we provide a Christ-Centered environment that focuses on the intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of students in committing themselves to the service of church and society. We begin from the vantage point of faith, which is integrated with learning across the curriculum, even as we struggle with difficult issues and carry on debate in the pursuit of truth.

Courses such as Christian Faith and Pharmacy, Medical Missions, and Moral Reasoning in Healthcare equip Union students to think through the challenges and moral dilemmas pharmacists may face in their profession. These courses allow a guided discussion where thought is not diminished and truth is pursued.


The faculty is committed to developing pharmacy students as practitioners who are People-Focused in providing optimum care based on evidence and best-practice standards. Through small group advising and personal student mentoring, the faculty extends investment beyond the classroom and takes an active interest in students, both professionally and personally.

Along with the rest of the Union family, pharmacy students have found the importance of giving back to the greater Jackson community. Pharmacy faculty and students frequently take the opportunity to serve the community by providing patient counseling at health fairs, educating elementary and high school students about illegal drug use, and volunteering to serve with domestic and international mission opportunities.


The School of Pharmacy is committed to support an academic environment that fosters Future-Directed growth of students and faculty. This vital growth relates to education, practice, research, and scholarship initiatives. State-of-the-art research facilities provide faculty with the opportunity to teach students how chemical structure impacts and determines medicinal characteristics including activity, delivery, and duration of action. These research labs allow students to discover new ways of treating symptoms and managing diseases.

Clinical education with pharmacy students is enhanced through the art of simulation education, which is done in collaboration with Union's School of Nursing. The School of Pharmacy is providing students with hands-on experience that they will find in day-to-day practice. Our students will participate in clinical, "real-life" scenarios utilizing human patient simulators which allow them to provide care to patients with heart failure, respiratory distress, complications from labor and delivery, etc. This allows students to experience being part of a health care team in a controlled, risk-free environment.

"Having the opportunity to study pharmacy at Union has been a great blessing in my life. Pursuing the future I feel called to while being shaped by Christian leaders in the field is a chance like none other. Great things are happening at Union, and I am so honored to be a part of them. Whatever my future holds, I know my time here is preparing me well to make a difference in the lives of patients."
Ashley Pugh, class of 2014

"I chose Union University to continue my pharmacy education because of the Christian values that Union holds. The School of Pharmacy is set apart because of their concern about more than just turning out numbers of pharmacists. They care about your spiritual growth and your personal professional development, which is crucial in the world of pharmacy. Union does more than just claim that they have a Christian worldview, they actually teach it and show it to us on a daily basis."
Drew Donaldson, class of 2013