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MSW Student Organization (MSWSO)

The MSW Student Organization (MSWSO) exists to offer a channel of well-communicated correspondence between the student body and the faculty of the MSW program, as well as to create an opportunity for students to effectively organize themselves to meet their own needs as well as the needs of others in the program and community.

The MSWSO serves the following purpose:

  • To coordinate and enhance our educational experiences by advocating for students’ rights, needs, and concerns
  • To serve as a liaison between MSW students and faculty
  • To collaborate and communicate between MSW and BSW student organization
  • To be used as a catalyst of change for policies
  • To provide mutual support for its members
  • To provide a network of all MSW students
  • To engage in social or educational activities which encourage a value system that espouses the worth and dignity of every human being and promotes the singular importance of the individual, family, community, and organization
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