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Conceptual Framework


The conceptual framework, to achieve coherence, is articulated and shared among professional education faculty, candidates, and other members of the professional community through the following venues:

  • The Teacher Education Program Handbook which is available to all applicants to the Teacher Education Program, states and defines the conceptual framework with a clear, integrated explanation.
  • The conceptual framework is found in the Undergraduate Catalogue and the Graduate Catalogue
  • The conceptual framework appears on the unit's current course syllabi within a general, consistent format. Discussion, explanation, and assessment of the integration of the conceptual framework into each course takes place with students at the beginning of each semester and, when applicable, throughout the semester.
  • Cooperating teachers of candidates participating in various field experiences and student teaching receive information about the conceptual framework and evaluate the student based on the various facets of the framework.
  • The university supervisor assesses students participating in various field experiences and the cooperating teacher using behaviors based on the facets of the conceptual framework. Student teachers are evaluated by the university supervisor, cooperating teachers, and themselves based on designated demonstrations of sensitivity, reflection, and faith.

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