Union University
Union University School of Education
Students work on understanding various technology programs in the education computer lab.

Conceptual Framework

Commitment to Technology

Union is committed to preparing candidates who are able to use educational technology to help all students learn. Educational and information technology are integrated throughout the curriculum of the teacher education program, including instructional pedagogy, field experiences, clinical practice, and assessment practices. A teacher-student dynamic includes the understanding that the processes and tools of instructional technology must be utilized in addressing educational needs and problems (Robyler, 2003, p. 6).

Dynamic as a concept means that technology is more than a classroom accessory. Instead, technology is something that is integrated into the various aspects of teaching and learning as it is utilized by teachers and their students to improve the effectiveness of instructional strategies. It is also used to increase student motivation and as both a communication and learning tool.

Education students work on the computers in the computer lab