Fall 2005 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Chris Blair and Nic Pfost "Indigenous Outreach International: A Film"
  • Dr. Ron Boud and Nathaniel Webb "Composition of Original Music in Two Complete Multi-Movement Works"
  • Dr. Chris Hail and Denise Baughman "Gender Differences in Logic"
  • Dr. Sally Henrie and Kimberly Lindsey "Development of a Teacher's Manual and Additional Experiments for the Green Chemistry Laboratory Manual for High School Students"
  • Dr. Haifei Li and Robert Jacks "A Study of Computer Ethics Courses Offered by Computer Science Departments in American Universities"
  • Dr. Karen Martin and Tiffany Ramirez "La madre de los mestizos: Portrayals of Malinche from Woman to Scapegoat"
  • Dr. Randy Schwindt, Ginger Allen, Jon Brasher, Jeremy Sullivan, Josh Armacost, Joshua Brooks "Solar Energy Business Feasibility: A Study for Missionaries in Northern Africa"
  • Dr. Gregory Thornbury and Gregory Poore "Herman Dooyeweerd: A Study"
  • Dr. Jan Wilms and Kendal Hershberger "Lego Mindstorm and the Rubik's Cube"

Spring 2006 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Jimmy Davis, Kelly Tate, Andrew McBride, Rhett Barker "Green Chemistry: Seven-Coordinated Complexes as Catalyses for the Bleaching of Wood Pulp"