Fall 2009 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Jay Bernheisel and Bradley Kiddie "Union Engineering: IEEE Robot Design Competition Project"
  • Dr. Jan Wilms and Jacob White "Creation of iPhone Augmented Reality Application"
  • Dr. James Huggins, Dr. Marc Lockett and Luke Burleson "Detection of TOXOPLASMA GONDII and a Survey of blood Parameters as Markers of Rehabilitation Progress in Raptors"
  • Dr. Mark Bolyard and Kathryn LaMar "Effect of Multiple Acoustic Frequencies on the Folding of Green Fluorescent Protein"
  • Dr. Sean Evans, Dr. Micah Watson and Katie Mohler, Matt Kuchem "College Evangelical Political Survey"
  • Dr. Randy Johnston and Matthew Kent "The Synthesis and Isolation of Solid Chromium (III)-Quinone Complexes"

  • Dr. Randy Johnston and Christian Wallen "Metal-Quinone Complexes for the Catalysis of Oxidations of Alcohols"

  • Dr. Ray VanNeste and Cory Taylor "Translating Colossians 1:11: 'glorious power' or 'power of glory'?"