Fall 2011 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • James Kerfoot and John Kartzinel “The Affect of Temperature on the Startle Response of the Mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis, in the Presence of a Predator”

  • Mark Bolyard and David Koh “Determination of Growth Regulations in the Regeneration of Khaya Senegalensis

  • Cynthia Jayne and Katherine Pullen “Preliminary Field Study in the Causes and Effects of Sex Trade in Asia”

  • Marc Lockett and John Poole “Inhibition of the Tissue Factor Pathway of Blood Coagulation by Beta-2 Glycoprotein 1”

  • Georg Pingen and Caroline McConnell “Thermal Design Optimization”

  • Roman Williams, Joelle Williams, and Alyssa Karr “Cooking Gender: Representations of Women in Food Magazines Over the Last 60 Years”

  • Jennifer Gruenke and Kayleigh Mitchell “The Effect of the Immune System on Diet-Induced Fatty Liver Disease in Mice”

  • Mark Bolyard and Jordann Staples “Micropropagation of Khaya Senegalensis

  • Andy Madison and Nathan Ziegler “Comparing Caloric Value of Acorn Seeds in Varying Red Oak Species”

  • Jennifer Gruenke and Julie Cobb “Testing Potential Growth Stimulators in the Production of Hybridoma Cell Lines”

  • Jan Wilms and Joy Tie “Creation of a Mobile Application that Aids Photographers in Recreating Updated Historic Pictures”

 Fall 2012 Graduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Sean King and Kate Wilcoxen “An Educational Strategy to Enhance Pharmacy Students’ Attitudes Towards Addressing Health Literacy of Patients”

 Spring 2012 Graduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Mark Bolyard and Travis Shutt "Development of a Tool for Detection Factor Xa and Thrombin Inhibitors Using PCR Mutagenesis"
  • Mark Bolyard and Liane Gozmao "Development of an Assay to Test for Inhibitors of Coagulant Enzymes Factor Xa and Thrombin"
  • Andrew Tiger and Spencer Thomas "Using Computer Simulation to Model the Medina Middle School Pickup System"