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Science and Faith: An Evangelical Dialogue
By Harry L. Poe and Jimmy H. Davis
Nashville, Tennessee: Broadman and Holman Publishers, 2000
Copyright © 2000 by Harry L. Poe and Jimmy H. Davis

For Christine Menzel and Patrick Davis, beloved wife and son of Jimmy Davis
Katie and Billy Poe, the parents who taught Hal Poe to love creation and the Bible


  1. Part I What Can We Know and How Do We Know It?
    1. The Scientific Way of Knowing
    2. The Religious Way of Knowing
    3. Dialogue on Knowledge
  2. Part II: What Kind of Universe Exists?
    1. Origin and Structure of the Universe
    2. The Created Universe
    3. Dialogue on the Cosmos
  3. Part III: Where Did We Come From?
    1. Origin of Life
    2. Made in the Image of God
    3. Dialogue on the Origin of Life
  4. Part IV: What Can We Know with Certainty?
    1. The Quantum World
    2. Contradiction and the Triune God
    3. Dialogue on Certainty
  5. Part V: When Is Order Disorder?
    1. Chaos Theory
    2. The Return of Christ
    3. Dialogue on Chaos Theory
  6. Conclusion

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