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Greek Life would not be what it is today without the development and growth of close friendships among members. To cultivate lifelong friendships, organizations participate together in numerous events varying from weekend camping trips to sisterhood sleepovers. Road trips, work out nights, and whitewater rafting trips are also not out of the question! On a typical afternoon in the fall and spring, you can also see many sororities and fraternities gathered together cheering on their members in various intramural games. In addition to these events, each fraternity or sorority holds monthly social events, and one formal a semester.

Brotherhood as described by brothers

Sisterhood as described by sisters

"Union's greek life fosters the only atmosphere in which true brother-hood can exist. There can be no brotherhood, no fellowship, among believers and non-believers. Therefore, the atmosphere that exists at Union, in which Christian living represents the highest ideal, brotherhood can more naturally flow. Though I would not be naiive enough to say every greek member at Union is a wholly converted Christ-follower, I do believe Union greek life allows for an open striving by those who are Christians to live out their faith apart from chastisement or scoffing. I have had example after example of men older than myself who truly modeled Christ for me. Now, as a senior, Union gives me the opportunity to do the same for those below me, without apology nor fear."


"When I first came to Union, I joined a fraternity just to have a bunch a friends to hang out with. What I found was that I joined something unique and special. My experience has been one that has shaped me to be who I am today. Most greek systems will offer leadership development, community service, and lifelong friendship, but Union's Greek system has added something special. My brothers have pushed me spiritually and I have seen myself grow as a direct result of being “Greek” at Union. Through accountability partners, private Bible studies, prayer nights, and friends who care enough about me to ask me the hard questions, I have been encourage in my faith through the relationships I have built in my fraternity. While fraternities are not a Bible study or a church, the relationships that are built because of it will stay with me for the rest of my life. I can definitely look back and say that where I am in my faith and as a leader owes a lot to my fraternity and the relationships that I have built there."


"Greek life at Union is much different than the stereotyped sororities at many other universities. It provides an outlet for women to come and make friends, have fun, and participate in the many activities that we plan. These activities foster friendships through community service, social events, intermurals, campus activities and sisterhood gatherings. It embodies a group of girls that genuinly care about each other and what is going on in each other's lives. Through this nurturing of friendships, the body of Christ is shown, and these friendships serve to foster a growing relationship with Christ."


"Union University Greek life offers much more than you would expect. The stigma of wild partying and crazy living do not apply to Union. Through the Greek system there are tons of opportunities to develop and grow by being challenged and supported by a group. The lessons that are learned and the relationships that are formed are truly life changing. I am able to apply all that I have learned on a daily basis and the relationships I have made are a blessing. Greek life at Union University is something that can only be known by experiencing it and does not fall in line with the typical fraternity or sorority."

"I personally will say, greek life at Union has been the single most beneficial training in future ministry. It has taught me to interact and love people with completely different from myself, with completely different ideals. I have seen how to truly love my fellow woman, no matter where she stands or to what goal she strives to attain. I have seen numerous times when, just by being a member and watching the other interactions in the room, I have better learned to serve in the church, in the mission field and in every day encounters with people."