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Campus Life Handbook Excerpts

The following items are taken from the Campus Life Handbook for easier access on this site. You may visit the specific page of the full PDF of the Campus Life Handbook by visiting the link at the end of each item below.

Missing Student Notification Policy

In compliance with Higher Education Act Title IV, Section 485 (j), Union is required to notify law enforcement and/or the student’s contact person(s) in the event that a missing person’s report is filed. It is Union’s policy to contact local law enforcement upon confirmation of a missing person report, and to contact the student’s contact person(s) within 24 hours of such report. - from page 46 of the Campus Life Handbook

Timely Warning

The Union University Office of Safety and Security is responsible for preparing and issuing immediate emergency response and evacuation procedures. University personnel will make the decision of whether to issue a timely warning on a case-by-case basis. Information for timely warnings may also come from other local emergency service agencies. Timely warnings will be issued to the campus community as soon as pertinent information about the incident is available. Timely warnings will be delivered via emergency text message, www.uu.edu/uualerts, Union email, posted announcements and/or verbal warnings. - from page 54 of the Campus Life Handbook

Voter Registration

All states require that you be a United States citizen by birth or naturalization to register to vote in federal and state elections. You cannot be registered to vote in more than one place at a time. Each state has its own laws regarding registering and voting as well as deadlines for registering to vote and absentee voting. For the latest information, go to www.canivote.org. (This nonpartisan website is maintained by the National Association of Secretaries of State.) - from page 55 of the Campus Life Handbook

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