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Student-Athlete Grievance Policy

The Athletic Department at Union University is committed to providing an atmosphere in which conflicts are addressed in a constructive manner through open and honest communication. The following procedures follow the conflict resolution process outlined in Matthew 18:15-20 and are designed to help student-athletes resolve issues that arise as a result of their participation in intercollegiate athletics. A student-athlete who is unsure of which policies or procedures should be followed may discuss the matter with his or her head coach. Other sources of advice include the senior woman administrator, the faculty athletics representative and the director of athletics. It should be emphasized that, in addition to any Department of Athletics policies and procedures, student-athletes always have available to them the university procedures that are available to all students. A student-athlete who wishes to obtain more information about these procedures should refer to the Campus Life Handbook.

General Appeal Procedures

A student-athlete may report an incidence of mistreatment or appeal a decision made by a coach or other Athletic Department staff member through the following:

*Note: Student-athletes are encouraged to utilize the appeal procedure when they believe they have been treated unfairly; therefore, it is critical there be no retaliation against an individual who initiates the procedure. Retaliation will not be tolerated and will be subject to University disciplinary procedures.

Specific Appeal Procedures

1. Reduction or Cancellation of Athletic Aid - A student-athlete that will receive a reduction or cancellation in their athletic scholarship for the upcoming academic year must be notified in writing by July 1. If an athletic scholarship has been reduced or not renewed, the student-athlete has the right to an appeal. To appeal, within fifteen (15) days of the date on the official notification letter, the student must request a hearing. This request needs to be in writing addressed to the Chief Financial Aid Officer and must state, in detail, the reasons why the student-athlete feels the reduction or non-renewal is unjustified. Upon receipt of this request, students will be contacted by the Chair of the Athletic Scholarship Appeals Committee to set up a hearing to review the appeal. Within one week after the hearing with the committee, the student will receive written notification of the Committee's decision.

The appeals process is outlined below:

2. Denial of Request for Transfer Release or Permission to Speak to Another Institution Regarding a Transfer - If a request for a transfer release or permission to speak to another institution regarding a transfer has been denied the student-athlete should refer to the following transfer policies outlined in the Student Athlete Handbook.

Transfer Policies (outgoing)
Bylaw, Four-Year College Prospective Student-Athletes states that an athletics staff member or other representative of the institution's athletics interests shall not make contact with a student-athlete of an NCAA or NAIA institution, directly or indirectly without first obtaining written permission from the first institution's director of athletics. In accordance with NCAA legislation, Union University considers each transfer request on a case-by case basis. A student-athlete's request for contact may be approved or denied based upon the following situations:
  1. To any Gulf South institution, or any other institution whom Union University regularly competes;
  2. If the request is received late in the academic year or during the summer, resulting in a situation, which creates a recruiting disadvantage for Union University;
  3. To scholarship student-athletes who have been found to be deficient in fulfilling athletic related obligations; and
  4. To student athletes during the departure of the coach(es) of your sport and the arrival of the new coach(es) within your sport.
Extenuating circumstances, which justify the need to transfer, may result in the athletics department granting exceptions to the above policies. Union University athletics considers the welfare of the student-athlete and the athletic program in all decisions. The Athletic Department believes a quality student-athlete experience also includes understanding the meaning and value of commitment and responsibility.

If the student-athlete feels that the decision made is not in accordance with the transfer policies he/she should follow the process outlined below:

*Note: Any Grievances stemming from sexual harassment, racial discrimination, or any other act that is derogatory or discriminatory in nature should be addressed through the policies outlined in the Campus Life Handbook.

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