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Mission Statement

The Department of Wellness Services includes the Wellness Center, Aquatic Center, Activities Center, and Intramural Program. The goal of the Department of Wellness Services is to promote health and wellness throughout the Union community, and as a result, increase participation in the aforementioned areas. The Department of Wellness Services seeks to promote health and wellness in four ways:

  1. Offer numerous programs which provide incentives for living a healthy lifestyle
  2. Increase awareness through physical assessments, exercise prescription, and educational seminars.
  3. Create an environment that is professional, friendly, and welcoming to people of all fitness levels.
  4. Continually find ways to upgrade and therefore improve our facilities.

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Wellness Services
Wellness Center Hours
  • Regular Hours
  • Monday - Thursday: 6am-10pm
  • Friday: 6am-7pm
  • Saturday: 8am-6pm
  • Sunday: 2-5pm
  • Wednesday & Friday: Closed during Chapel
Aquatic Center Hours
  • Regular Hours
  • Monday: 6-8am, 11-1pm, 4-6:30pm
  • Tuesday: 12-2pm, 4-6:30pm
  • Wednesday: 6-8am,11-1pm,4-6:30pm
  • Thursday: 12-2pm, 4:20-6:30pm
  • Friday: 6-8am, 11-1pm, 3-5pm
  • Saturday: 3-6pm
  • Sunday: 2-4pm
Student Activities Center Hours
  • Regular Hours
  • Monday: 6-8am, 1-4pm, 7-9pm
  • Tuesday: 1-3pm, 7-9pm
  • Wednesday: 6-8am, 1-4pm, 7-9pm
  • Thursday: 1-3pm, 7-9pm
  • Friday: 6-8am, 1-4pm
  • Saturday: 3-6pm
  • Sunday: 2pm-4pm

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