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Effective branding requires strict limits on the number of logos used, and matches each logo with specific tasks. Union University has a system of branding marks to communicate within a variety of audiences and situations.

It is vital to Union's branding goals that these marks be used properly and without modifications of any kind.

University Crest

The University Crest is the primary branding symbol of Union University. It is the preferred design for all communications.

University Crest Standards
University Crest Digital Files

Sub Branding

There are two approved sub branded logos for schools, departments, and offices.

Sub Branding Standards

Academic Seal

In an age of limited technology, wax seals were used to authenticate important messages. The academic seal continues to provide that level of authentication for Union University's most important documents. It is not displayed alongside any other university logo. It officially represents the Board of Trustees and its use is mandatory on degrees, catalogues, official communications and other important documents. The Board of Trustees approved this version in 2007, which replaces all earlier designs. The seal does not appear on products or clothing. Rare exceptions to this rule must be approved in writing by senior leadership.

Academic Seal Standards

Athletic Logo

Athletic logos are for the exclusive use of the Union University Department of Athletics. These should not be used as the primary logo for the University outside of Athletics.

Athletics Logo Standards
Athletics Logo Digital Files