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University Crest Standards

The University Crest is the primary branding symbol of Union University. It is the preferred design for all communications.

Do not use the crest to create your own logo or wordmark for schools, departments, or organizations. Please see sub branding standards.

JPEG, PDF and EPS files of the crest are available here for download.

University Crest

Union University's primary logo. It must be present on all academic and administrative University communications. Other arrangements listed below are acceptable.

Horizontal Crest Centered

Horizontal Crest Left

Vertical Crest


Union University has established standards for a clear space around logos. This area of isolation, based on the cap height of the O allows the logo to command visual attention. No typography or design elements may be placed within this area.


The three official versions of the Union crest - color, grayscale, and black and white - are shown here.

The color version must use Pantone® Red 194 (C=0, M=100, Y=64, K=33) and Black.

On Dark Backgrounds

Use the "reverse" version of the Union crest on dark backgrounds. Proper usage in color, grayscale, and black and white - are shown here.

Do not use outlines of the shapes and fonts.

Improper Usage

Do not alter dimensions or proportions.

Do not make alterations to the words or reset typography.

Do not put the crest in a visually competitive shape.

Do not change the color of crest or type.