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Union offers two student employment opportunities, Institutional Workship and Federal Work Study. Institutional Workship is funded by the university, and requires a student to submit the Application for Scholarships and Financial Aid and the Student Employment Interview Application. Federal Work Study is a federally-funded, campus-based work program where eligibility is determined by the FAFSA application. If you want to be considered for Work Study, you must file the FAFSA, in addition to submitting Union's Application for Scholarships and Financial Aid and the Student Employment Interview Application.

Jobs that may be available are currently listed on the job listings area of this site. A student should check on the available jobs and then submit an application to the financial aid office, which can be filled out online or which can be printed from this web site.  The application will be forwarded to the department for which you are applying, and the supervisor will begin the selection process.  The student will be notified by the supervisor or individual who posted the job for one of the following reasons:

  1. An interview needs to be scheduled or,
  2. The student has been awarded the job

A student may select multiple (up to 3) jobs on the application, but in the event that multiple jobs are acquired, they will only be allowed to work one of the jobs (this allows the university to employ as many students as possible).  In this instance, the student will be allowed to pick which job he or she will assume.

Jobs are limited and competitive, therefore, eligibility does not guarantee a student a job.  Those who responded quickly to job postings will have a better chance at acquiring a job.  Any questions concerning Federal Work Study can be directed to Amy Miller, the Workship/Work Study Coordinator at (731) 661-5407 or at

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