Shaping a Christian Worldview

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"The faculty of Union University have offered encouragement to the community of Christian colleges and universities, through the essays presented in Shaping a Christian Worldview, to stay focused on our core mission: the advancement of Christ-centered learning. These essays manifest a deep commitment to Christian worldview thinking, to theological depth with appropriate ecumenical breadth, and to constructive engagement with secular disciplinary scholarship. This volume will help renew the calling of evangelical Christian teacher-scholars to thoughtful Christian distinctiveness in the academic disciplines, and is a useful introduction to this key characteristic of Christian higher education."

Stanton L. Jones
Provost, Wheaton College

"Principled worldview formation is a characteristically Christian species of intellectual work, and no less now than at any other time in history it is work needful to be done. Dockery, Thornbury, and their colleagues at Union University have produced an engaging and pedagogically useful taxonomy for Christian worldview reflection across the disciplines and it should be welcomed by educators and their students alike."

David Lyle Jeffrey
Senior Vice Provost, Distinguished
Professor of Literature and Humanities
Baylor University

"Exemplary! This fine book by obviously talented and thoughtful members of the faculty and administration of Union University is a model in multiple ways:

  • In design, this work first lays a solid theological and philosophical foundation upon which a Christian worldview is then effectively applied to a variety of disciplines and educational concerns.

  • In content, it is informed by clear thinking, penetrating insights, and current scholarship.

  • In vision, it reflects a deep understanding of the very raison d’ętre of Christian higher education in seeking to form genuinely Christian perspectives on the whole academic enterprise. It successfully shows how a full-bodied biblical piety and scholarship can be united in a most fruitful way.

Union is an innovative Christian university that is setting the right example for the rest of us to follow."

David K. Naugle, Th.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Dallas Baptist University and
Author of  Worldview: The History of a Concept (Eerdmans, 2002)

“This lively volume displays the intellectual energy made possible when faith and reason work with, not against one another. The essays are written in a style that makes them accessible to laypersons and scholars alike. A welcome addition to an ongoing cultural debate.”

Jean Bethke Elshtain
The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of
Social and Political Ethics, The University of Chicago
Author, most recently, of Jane Addams and the
Dream of American Democracy
(Basic Books, 2000)

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