Restore, Rebuild, Renew

These are exciting days at Union University as we engage in efforts to Restore, Rebuild and Renew our campus. A positive spirit and strong sense of unity prevails throughout our university community. To keep up with our progress, come back to this page often.


Union: The Best Days Are Ahead (March 10, 2008)
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Enrollment Updates

Emails Received After the Storm

"We are praying for the Union family. Someone suggested to our son last night that he might consider one of his other college choices since the tornado - those were fighting words to him. We know this situation is a big unknown but he is very committed to the DMS program at Union."

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"As both a Southern Baptist minister and principal at a Christian school - we are more convinced than ever that we want our son to be a part of Union University. The wisdom and sensitivity that we have seen expressed from Dr. Dockery and the numerous community members of Union have both overwhelmed us and affirmed our family's decision."

"We would rather our daughter sleep in a tent on the Union campus, than the finest dormitory at any other school."

"I have heard all about the damage from the tornadoes and I am in constant prayer as you all are going through this difficult time.... Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but seeing how the students and faculty are reacting to this tragedy is making me want to come even more... I definitely want to make sure I have a spot at Union for next fall... When would be an appropriate time to start sending in the deposits and forms? Thank you for all your help."

"Our daughter is so excited to be coming as a freshman in the fall, she recruited two girls to come with her. So, when the tornadoes hit, people in our church immediately called us to let us know. The heart of the university was clearly displayed and we rejoiced and grieved all at the same time. We never for a moment considered changing course. She recently visited UU again and came back very, very pleased."

"My daughter is set to attend UU beginning in the fall semester of 08. Her decision to attend was greatly influenced by the Feb 5, 2008 tornado that hit the Jackson area. My family and I were visiting the school on Feb 05 for a college visit and to meet with an admission counselor. We left the school at approx. 3:00 and headed home. Later that evening we heard the news of the tornado. The next day, while watching various news related stories, I was greatly touched by the stories and the witness your students displayed. You don't often see college student praising God when faced with this type of adversity. After viewing several testimonies I came to the conclusion - these are the type of influences that I want for my daughter."

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Oct. 27, 2008
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Rebuilding Information

After the Storm Videos

From Rubble to Renewal
From Rubble to Renewal - Oct. 2008
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Graduation 2008
Graduation Day: May 17
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The Wrights
The Wrights: The Return to Campus
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Dorm Rebuilding Webcam

Reconstruction Progress
View from Miller Tower
(Camera currently down while Miller Tower is repaired)
View March 31 - July 2008 (QuickTime video)
New Residence Life Complex (background) and
the Carl Grant Events Center (foreground)

Cardinal & Cream

What Our Students Are Saying...

"I'm a Christian, and I talked to the Lord a lot (the night of the tornado). He gave me a real sense of peace. Whether I got out of there or whether I was going to be in there when I died, that sense of peace was really what kept me from panicking."

Heather Martin, junior, nursing, Erin, Tenn.

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"If you see how quickly we got back to school, it shows the commitment to students and how much you care. Anybody would love to have that in their lives."

Nic Spalviero, sophomore, Christian studies, Charleston, S.C.

"I love Union and I'm only a freshman. I can't imagine what the juniors and seniors feel like. … The people are amazing. It really is like a family here. The friendships that I've made mean so much to me."

Caroline Beffa, freshman, social work, Farmington, Mo.

"When we got into White Hall, the first step of evacuating, people were just hugging and crying and it's just, you know, instead of tearing apart at the seams, everyone just kind of came back together."

Cory Taylor, sophomore, Biblical languages, Lakeland, Fla.

"The professors care so much and there is so much of a community with the students. You'll walk from one class to the other and chances are at least one person will say 'hi' to you and see how you're doing."

Stephen Capps, freshman, Christian studies, Goodlettsville, Tenn.

"I don't understand how these (lives being saved) happened. It's only something that is completely of the Lord. It's something that we as humans can never explain. I'm just so thankful that he just completely protected all of us."

Rachel Daniel, sophomore, learning foundations, Memphis, Tenn.

"I made a last minute decision not to go (back to my room) so I just praise the Lord that I have roommates that got me to go to a class about missions."

Laura Coggin, sophomore, music performance, Cordova, Tenn.

"We really felt the hand of God. One thing I noticed is where all the people were trapped, there were little pockets keeping anything from harming them or falling on them. It was definitely the grace of God."

Aaron Gilbert, junior, Christian studies, Brighton, Tenn.

"If you want a Christian campus, this is where to look. We might have gone through one of the worst things we could ever think of but it strengthened us. And we can't walk around campus saying 'where's Christ?' because he's standing in front of us every day."

Molly Wright, freshman, Nashville, Tenn.

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