A Historic Academic Opportunity

Minds that are renewed are enriched with the profound ideas and the dramatic discoveries of scholars past and present - great thinkers who themselves opened books and discovered new truths.

At an excellence-driven institution that celebrates the Christian intellectual tradition, there is no resource more crucial for everyone's success than its collection of accumulated knowledge in books, essays, periodicals, advanced technological assets, and other scholarly tools.

pull quoteThose works are carefully maintained in a library that benefits every discipline and every student.

Indeed, it is within this library that minds are illuminated and scholarly pursuits are accelerated.

Since 1975, the Emma Waters Summar Library at Union University has been housed in the Penick Academic Complex, the oldest building on campus. While virtually everything else at the University has grown, the library has had little room to expand.

Union's growth in enrollment and academic offerings has created a fantastic problem - the current library is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of our thriving academic community.

Union University now has a historic opportunity to build a first-class library facility that will accommodate current and future needs from a central campus location.

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