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Thank you for your willingness to give to a Global Opportunities (GO) Trip this year! The Union University family is continuously blessed by so many friends who give sacrificially to help enable our students to take part in both international and domestic missions.

Qualifying gifts made to Union University are tax-deductible and donors will receive a receipt from Union University. Your contribution is being given to the Global Opportunities Program of Union University. If the student you are supporting is for some reason unable to go on the trip, your contribution will remain in the Global Opportunities fund, to be used for other mission opportunities under the Global Opportunities program at the discretion of the Office of University Ministries. Excess funds cannot be refunded to the individual or donor, nor can they be applied to study abroad programs, mission trips or fundraising efforts not part of the Global Opportunities Program of Union University.

Please complete the simple form below. When you click the "continue" button at the bottom of the page, your gift information will be encrypted and sent to our secure server. You will then be taken to a page that will allow you to choose between making the gift by credit card or e-check (ACH). The transaction will be completely private, and only registered by the Office of University Ministries and University Relations. You will receive an immediate electronic receipt (if you provide an e-mail address) and a formal receipt will be mailed to you. Thank you for your support of Union University and GO Trips.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Office of University Ministries (731-661-5062).

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Donations to Union University GO Trip program are tax deductible.

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Boston (2014)
Central Asia (2014)
East Asia (2014)
Honduras (2014)
Israel (2014)
Louisville (2014)
New Orleans (2014)
New York (2014)
North Africa ESF (2014)
South Africa (2014)
Tampa (2014)
UConn (2014)
Virgin Islands (2014)
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