To become a student member, go to the ACS undergrad website and click the Join Today link.  From there, you will be directed to a secure site.  At this site, start the Membership Application.  Select the "I am being nominated by an existing ACS member through the Member-Get-A-Member campaign" statement.  In the nominating member information, enter Baldwin and then the ACS number 00108229.  Continue following the wizard through the rest of the process.

Student Chapter of ACS Officers 2014-2015

  • President - Phillip Kurtzweil
  • Vice President - Evan Lewoczko
  • Secretary - Brittany Hagler
  • Treasurer - Andrew Stricklin
  • Historian - Kelsie Wood
  • Historian Photographer - Nicole Bantz
  • Underclassman Representative - Lyndi Strange
  • Underclassman Representative - Jenna Sumerlin
  • Chapter Representative - Iulia Faur
  • Community Outreach Coordinator – Courtney Berger
  • Community Outreach Coordinator – Mitchell Walden
  • NCW Coordinator - Kelly Jones
  • NCW Coordinator - Nick Rivera
  • Faculty Advisor - Dr. Randy Johnston


Officer Orientation, 9-8-08

Member meeting, 9-11-08


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Freshmen Recruiting, 9-25-08


Officer Installation