It’s a question I hadn’t really pondered until this moment. And now that it has been suggested, I can’t stop thinking about it.

StairwellI’ve actually been avoiding the avalanche of 9/11 coverage over the last week. Not because I don’t care, or don’t think it is important to remember, but because I do. I feel in some way, that watching those towers fall over and over again may numb the visceral memories I have from that day, and there is some pain that should never be numbed.

But the question haunting me now is what 9/11 would have been like if social media existed then as it does today. What if part of our national memory this week was tweets, pictures, videos and status updates from inside the Twin ... READ MORE
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An 8.9-magnitude earthquake set off a tsunami, causing death and destruction in Japan.
The extent of the damage in Japan is not fully known, but thousands, likely tens of thousands, died, countless homes were destroyed and the damage has been estimated in excess of $30 billion, making it one of the worst natural disasters of all time.
In these difficult times we, as Christians, should pray for the suffering people of Japan. We should also seek to be the hands and feet of Christ, doing what we can to help the Japanese people in their time of need.
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 At the beginning of March, I traveled with a group of seven other communication arts students with Dr. Chris Blair and Professor Ashley Blair to Chicago on an academic trip arranged by Prof. Blair, Dr. Blair and PRSSA President Elizabeth Wood.

 It was great to take a break from school and learn a little about our majors, namely public relations, digital media studies and broadcasting, in “the real world.”

 Over two days, we visited two large public relations agencies, met with someone from the Art Institute of Chicago PR department, met with an events coordinator of the Mayor’s
Office of Special Events and with a project manager in the Chicago Film Office, and toured the NBC/Universal studios.

 Meeting with Chai Lee at the Art Institute of Chicago

 Our trip gave us unique out-of-the-classroom learni... READ MORE
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 This is a recent article from the Cardinal & Cream, co-written by Elizabeth Wood and Lindsay Dawkins.

Piercing eyes. Flawless complexion. Perfect figure. Impeccable smile.

 In the world of advertising, altered imagery and misleading messages are found in glamour magazines, TV commercials and the Internet, said students across the campus of Union University.

 Some students said current advertising focuses on selling products for physical fulfillment rather than building character and individuality. Others said advertising can be positive and beneficial to the public eye.

 “The purpose of advertising is to allure viewers to buy their product,” said Benjamin Ferrell, junior psychology major. “People would be revolted by the advertisement if it were ugly.”

 Trey Peters, senior marketing major, said advertising is about drawing customers to the unique selling points of a company’s brand, product or serv... READ MORE
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 “Get inside! Get inside the building now!”

 Katie Shatzer and I are practically shoved into a building on Belmont University’s campus by a security guard, as we hear warnings of a blast in three minutes in the big hole on campus that will one day be their Pharmacy school. Barely inside the building, we suddenly hear a loud boom and feel the building shake under our feet. We look incredulously at each other and start laughing, clutching our bags to our sides. Just another great memory from the Southeastern Journalism Conference 2009.


 The SEJC Conference, which was Feb. 12-14 on Belmont’s campus in Nashville, Tenn., brought together hundreds of journalism students from several colleges throughout the Southeast. As a college in t... READ MORE
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Hello there! My name is Alison Ball, I am a senior Public Relations major and a Photojournalism minor that would like to share my love for our department with you.  The first day I stepped foot on Union’s campus I knew Public Relations was the path God had for me. The benefits of small class sizes and a close-knit department allow for numerous opportunities for growth in the lovely field of communications.

 My relationship with faculty has allowed for conversations that have sparked my interest in a number of organizations and events. One organization I have become very active in over the course of my four years is Union’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). This is a nationally recognized organization that extends Public Relations experience and knowledge, not to mention the great internships and scholarship benefits offered.

 We are a young but growing chapter who is beginning to make our mark on campus. At the beginning of th... READ MORE
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Public Relations Student Society of America
Promoting just about anything.
Advisor: Ashley Fitch Blair
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Scholarship Banquet with Tony Blair Oct 3, 6:00pm: Carl Perkins Civic Center, Jackson, Tennessee
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will be the keynote speaker for Union University’s 14th annual Scholarship Banquet Oct. 3 at the Carl Perkins Civic Center in Jackson, Tenn. : more event info

Fall Classes Begin Aug 23, 8:00am

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Communication Arts Awards Banquet May 10, 5:00pm: Grant Events Center
Come out to enjoy a great dinner and celebrate the end of the 2010-2011 school year with all of the Com. Arts faculty and staff. Tickets are $5.00 and will go on sale at the end of April.

PRSSA Meetings Feb 23, 10:00pm: Memphis/Jackson
PRSSA students will be traveling to meet with the Memphis chapter in the morning and then will have an organizational meeting on campus at 3:00.

Union Scholarship Symposium May 4, 9:00am: Jackson Campus

COMUnion Chicago Mar 3, 9:00am: Chicago, IL
Professional trip for students. Features visits to Golin Harris, the Ketchum Agency, the Chicago Film Office, the Mayor's Office of Special Events, Art Institute of Chicago, and NBC/Universal Chicago.

Final Exams Dec 7, 8:00am