BIO 426

Research Experience


Syllabus for Spring 2008

1 credit hour

Prerequisite:  BIO 425 – Introduction to Research




Dr. Andrew Madison

Office:  134 in White Hall

Phone:  661-5127

Email: (BUT, I prefer that you email me through BlackBoard)

Web site:


Office hours:

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday — 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Tuesday & Thursday — 9:30 – 10:30 AM


These are the hours that I am guaranteed to be in my office, excepting specially called meetings or off-campus activities.  Please note:  I may also be in WH 108 setting up for a lab.  FEEL FREE to drop by at other times.  If I am in my office or in the lab, I’ll be happy to speak with you.


Course Objectives:

This course is a self-paced course designed to allow you the time to implement the research proposal you developed in BIO 425.  You will be expected to regularly update me on your research progress.  You are free to drop by and ask questions about research needs.  Remember, though, that your faculty mentor is the first person you should seek assistance.  By the end of the semester, your data collection and statistical analyses should be complete.  In addition, you should also be working on the literature review section of your final paper.  You are expected to attend BIO 427 presentations.



Method of Instruction:

Since this course is self-paced, there are no lectures or designated times for lecture.  You are required to turn in a bi-weekly log of your activities throughout the semester.  I recognize that some research projects may only take a couple of weeks to implement, but you are still required to turn in these short reports.  I would also like to touch base with you at least once a month throughout the semester, at a minimum.  You are encouraged to visit with your research mentor regularly throughout the semester. 



You have been provided with a BlackBoard account for this class.  It is password protected and will provide access to course information and provide a medium to track progress in the course.  I will post the “Research Update Forms” on Blackboard.


Method of Evaluation:

Research Updates


A > 90%

Literature Review Rough Draft


B = 80–89%



C = 70–79%



D = 60–69%



F < 60%




Literature Review Rough Draft –


I will include general guidelines for the Literature Review section of your final paper on BlackBoard.  You are not required to have the finalized version of the Literature Review, only a solid rough draft that will be included in your final report (due in BIO 427). 


Student Study Carrels & Research Space:

If you desire a Study Carrel, you must apply through me.  I will send you the short application.  Priority for assignment of the Study Carrels is: 1) Student lab assistants, 2) BIO 426 students, 3) BIO 427 students, 4) BIO 498 students, 5) BIO 425 students, and 6) Other qualified students.  Since BIO 426 is the second priority, there is a high chance that you will obtain a study carrel if you desire one.  PLEASE do not ask for a study carrel if you do not plan to use it.


There are four labs in White Hall designated strictly for faculty and student research: 1) Biology Research Lab 1, 2) Biology Research Lab 2, 3) Biology Research Lab 3, and 4) Central Instrument Room.  Biology Research Lab 1 is used primarily for molecular, genetics, or microbiological research.  Biology Research Lab 2 is used for general research projects and as a base for field research projects.  Biology Research Lab 3 is the “animal room” and is where all research involving live animals, e.g., mice, will be performed.  The Central Instrument Lab will house a large number of different pieces of equipment that can be used for a variety of different research projects.  You will also have access to the Hammons Center for Scientific Studies on the 3rd floor as a computer lab. 


If you want your own research space, it will be provided in Biology Research Labs 1 or 2.  These labs are equipped with keypads for entry.  DO NOT SHARE ENTRY CODES WITH OTHER STUDENTS.  You are expected to keep your study carrel and research space clean and in order.  Any student that abuses their study or research privileges will be asked to leave.  You will still be expected to complete your research, though.