BIO 427

Research Presentation


Syllabus for Fall 2008

1 credit hour

Prerequisite:  BIO 425 & BIO 426




Dr. Andrew Madison

Office:  134 in White Hall

Phone:  661-5127

Email: (BUT, I prefer that you email me through BlackBoard)

Web site:


Office hours:

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday — 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Tuesday & Thursday — 9:30 – 10:30 AM


These are the hours that I am guaranteed to be in my office, excepting specially called meetings or off-campus activities.  Please note:  I may also be in WH 108 setting up for a lab.  FEEL FREE to drop by at other times.  If I am in my office or in the lab, I’ll be happy to speak with you.


Course Objectives:

This course is a self-paced course designed to allow you the time to develop your final report, poster presentation, and oral presentation.  You will be expected to regularly update me on your progress.  You are free to drop by and ask questions about the requirements for the presentations.  Remember, though, that your faculty mentor is the first person you should seek assistance. 



Method of Instruction:

Since this course is self-paced, there are no lectures or designated times for lecture.  You are required to regularly update me of your progress.  Guidelines for the final report, poster presentations, and oral presentations will be available on BlackBoard.   



You have been provided with a BlackBoard account for this class.  It is password protected and will provide access to course information and provide a medium to track progress in the course.



Method of Evaluation:

Poster Presentation


A > 90%

Oral Presentation


B = 80–89%

Written Final Report


C = 70–79%



D = 60–69%



F < 60%





Poster Presentation –


You will need to create a poster summarizing your research project for display in White Hall.  Previous students’ posters are currently hanging in White Hall and can be view as examples.  The poster itself can be created in PowerPoint and will be printed off on the large flat-bed printer in the Hammons Center.


Oral Presentation –


You will be expected to create an oral presentation summarizing your research .  This presentation will be advertised across the university and you should expect it to be attended by at least all of the Department of Biology faculty.


Written Final Report –


Guidelines for this report are available on BlackBoard.  The formatting for this report is similar to what is expected for a master’s thesis.  It is the most important aspect of BIO 427 and should not be taken lightly.