Websites providing Christian apologetics for social issues, theological controversies, and some science:

     Christian Research Institute

     Leadership University


     American Family Association

     The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

Websites specifically addressing creation and evolution from a Christian perspective:

     Reasons to Believe

     Access Research Network

     Center for Science and Culture

     Design Inference Website

     Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center

Websites for environmental science / wildlife biology:

     Scorecard - evaluate the "environmental friendliness" of your community

     The Wildlife Society - the professional organization for wildlife biologists; publishes the Wildlife Society Bulletin, the Journal of Wildlife Management, and Wildlife Monographs

     Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency - the department of natural resources for Tennessee

News and Weather Sites:

    ABC News


    Intellicast (Jackson, TN radar)

    National Weather Service (Jackson, TN)                                                                            

    Washington Post Comics (for fun!)

    Union University’s Weather Page

Last updated: 8-9-06