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To obtain a season of Doc Dawson’s Full Season Baseball, simply click on the appropriate season link below, download and save the three pdf files given, then open and print them on your printer.  Descriptions of the files appear below the season links. 


Major League Baseball Seasons















Note: The amount of donations received will influence the rate at which new seasons are added!


Each season of DDFSB contains three files:


Card set.  The card set consists of one card for each team plus an extra inning card.  These cards are made by a computer program developed by Doc Dawson that utilizes a three-parameter Weibull distribution and an iterative procedure to ensure statistical accuracy and realism.  Notes on printing:  (1) If your printer is able, you may wish to print the cards on card stock; they will be easier to handle if you cut the cards out individually.  (2) You might obtain better results if you set “page scaling” to “none” when printing.


Schedule/Scoresheets.  The schedules are designed as scoresheets on which you write the game scores as you progress through the season.  Each matchup in each league, as well as each interleague matchup where appropriate, appears on the schedule.  Sets of series that occur simultaneously (that is, daily schedules) are separated from one another by a solid horizontal line.  Where given, the numbers listed in parentheses for each matchup are the numbers of times those matchups were originally scheduled for the season.  If an “r-1” appears, one or more games for that matchup that were rained out or otherwise cancelled but not made up (r-1 for one game, r-2 for two games, etc.).  Alternatively, a “p+1,” “p+2,” etc. represents the number of extra playoff games for that matchup that were necessary to determine playoff berths that year (of course, you may or may not need such extra games in your replay).  Also, where given, (m1) represents the first time that matchup appears on the schedule, (m2) the second time, etc.; this is necessitated by the complicated schedules of modern major league seasons.  These schedules do not come with dates and are not identical in order to the actual schedule played that season.  Of course, the same matchups are given for the same number of games; it’s just that the order played may differ.  (Anyone wishing to replay the actual schedule in the historical order may find the necessary information at such places as  At the end of each schedule is a place to record any necessary regular-season playoff games and the final standings, as well as a place to record postseason action.  To see a scanned version of a completed schedule page, click here.


Talleysheets.  Talleysheets are designed with a place to record wins on the left, losses on the right.  Each box is designed to hold ten tallymarks.  Each year’s talleysheets list the teams in each league or division in their order of finish for that year.  To see a scanned version of a completed talleysheet page, click here.