Mathematical Genealogy of Dr. C. Bryan Dawson


After the first line, each person listed is the advisor of the person in the row above.  The date is the date of the degree and the institution is the institution awarding the degree to the person on that line (when known).  Links are to biographies of the individuals on the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive, when such biographies exist.

Bryan Dawson, 1992, North Texas
Paul Lewis, 1970, Utah
D. H. Tucker, 1958, Texas
Hyman Ettlinger, 1920, Harvard
G. D. Birkhoff, 1907, Chicago
E. H. Moore, 1885, Yale
H. A. Newton, 1850, Yale
Michel Chasles, 1814, Ecole Polytechnique
Simeon Poisson
Joseph LaGrange
Leonhard Euler, 1726, Basel
Johann Bernoulli, 1694
Jacob Bernoulli
Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, 1666, Altdorf
Erhard Weigel, 1650, Leipzig