McAfee School of Business Administration at Union

Dr. William R.  Nance Jr.                                           

Associate Professor of Management
Associate Dean, The McAfee School of Business Administration


Bill Nance
Office No:     BAC-21
Box No:        1884
Phone:          (731) 661-5505
Fax:               (731) 661-5366
  B.S., Regis University
                       M.B.A., Union University
                       D.B.A., Nova Southeastern University


Professional Biographical Information

Bill Nance is Associate Professor of Management and Associate Dean of the McAfee School of Business Administration, Union University.

Prior to joining the faculty at Union, Bill managed Capro, Incorporated's Selmer, Tennessee facility. Capro, Inc., was a division of Teleflex Corporation at that time. The Selmer facility designs, markets, and manufactures a variety of mechanical control systems for customers in the outdoor power equipment industry, furniture industry, and other industries.

Before joining Capro, Bill held a variety of managerial, project management, and staff positions with divisions of Lockheed-Martin Corporation and General Dynamics where he worked for over 12 years.

In addition, Bill managed a furniture manufacturing plant in Memphis, Tennessee, was a sales representative for a manufacturer in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and served in the US Army.

Bill currently serves on the Asset-Liability Management Committee of Leaders Credit Union, Jackson, Tennessee, and has served on its Board of Directors.


Personal Biographical Information

Bill has been married to the same patient woman for over thirty-five years. They have two daughters and three grandchildren.

Bill's interests include Linux and collecting antique fountain pens


Selected Publications

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