Welcome to Union University 2012

William G. Nettles

Department of Physics
Associate Dean
College of Arts & Sciences

"All truth has application and if you learn truth you will get to the application.
If you start with application, the truth can be elusive."

B. Lowe 4/5/2000 

"Our duty is to encourage each other to be Godly."

Greg Belser 1/1/2006 
updated January 18, 2011

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Fall 2012 Physics Courses

Welcome! I teach in the Department of Physics at Union University. There are lots of physics links that could be listed, but my specialty is nuclear physics. My hobbies include growing roses and playing fantasy football and working on cars, especially my jigsaw puzzle 1969 Mustang Grande.  >

Get a copy of the MS Motorcycle Safety Course application in Adobe format here..

My Interest Look Here What You'll Find
Honoring God Daily Bread An excellent daily devotional to challenge you to examine how your life lines up with God's perfect plan
Good Theology The Founders Journal A publication of Southern Baptists who have returned to the Biblical doctrines of Grace.
My Church in TN Cornerstone Community Church Great Bible teaching with a loving Christian fellowship. Come and visit! Come and stay!
My (old) Church in MS Morrison Heights
Baptist Church
Our spiritual "port" for 22 years. Go and visit!
Bible Study Precept Ministries A ministry dedicated to teaching people how to study God's Word.
Nuclear Physics Map of the Nuclides
or Chart of the Nuclides
Clickable chart containing basic information on all known nuclides
Physics Research ORNL Physics Division Home Page A collection of physics research going on in the Southeast
Restoring A Mustang Mustang Steve Information website and entrance point into a fabulous source (FYI FORD Mustang)
for getting information about restoring and modifying classic Mustangs
Growing Roses Rose FAQ Page A wealth of rose growing information taken from
the rec.gardens.roses newsgroup
Promoting Roses The Official American Rose Society Page A brand new site containing information about the largest horticultural society dedicated to a single plant.
Growing Gardens Other Garden resource links A list of links that I've found to have good growing information for all kinds of flowers.
Providing Rose resources Rosehelp.zip Grab this preliminary copy of a Zipped version of a Windows 3.x help file containing most of the information available in the Rose FAQ.
Institutional Research Internet Resources for IR A jump-off for lots of information about higher education in the US

More Interesting Places

Send mail to Bill at bnettles@uu.edu