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Last update: 4 October 2006

picture of rose
The Hybrid Tea Rose, Antigua
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Frequently Asked Questions Answers to questions about basic rose gardening
Rose Glossary Common terms and phrases that rose growers use
Mail-order Rose Suppliers Places you can order roses and rose supplies by mail
Old Roses A thorough discussion of uncommon beauties
Modern Roses A synopsis of popular types grown today.
English Roses Virtual encyclopedia about this new type of rose
WWW Links Involving Roses A virtual world of roses
American Rose Society The largest horticultural society dedicated to the growing
roses is OFFICIALLY on the Web. Give 'em a visit.
And hold your breath. You are about to see an
absolutely gorgeous flower!

This page is a compilation of questions and answers that have appeared in the Usenet Newsgroup rec.gardens.roses on the Internet, and other articles that regular contributors to the newsgroup have written.
The page is currently maintained at Union University in Jackson, TN. The original creator of the Rose FAQ is Bill Chandler, and the administrator of the Page is Bill Nettles. There are several gardening jump-offs on Bill Nettles' page, too.