Dr. James Patterson
University Professor and Acting Dean
School of Theology & Missions
Union University






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Sketch done of me by a student.

    “My name is Dr. P. and I teach church history; I hope you won’t find that this is a mystery.  .  .”  I often begin a new class with a short rap, although my music skills are zilch.  As you navigate around my web page, you will discover my interests, passions, and commitments.  I am surely no talent threat to Master P!


    I love the Lord, my family, Union University, and Englewood Baptist Church (www.ebcjackson.org).  I have been teaching full-time since 1977 and have had administrative responsibilities almost that long.  I am a “Jersey boy” by background and completed two of my degrees in the Garden State (I played my college ball at Rutgers, as you can tell from the sketch—go Scarlet Knights!).  My roots also explain my love for Philly sports teams—go Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, and Sixers!  I enjoy reading and I jog regularly to stay in shape.   


    My book on 19th-century Union trustee and Landmark patriarch J. R. Graves was released by Broadman & Holman in March of 2012.  Other  more recent publications include a chapter dealing with a Christian view of history for a handbook of Christian higher education that Dr. Dockery edited (B & H,  spring of 2012), a chapter on Landmarkism for a book on Baptist historiography (University of Alabama Press, summer 2012), and a chapter on King James I and Thomas Helwys on church and state in Ray Van Neste's edited collection from UU's KJV 400 Festival (Borderstone, 2012).  A chapter that I wrote on the church's thinking about ecclesiological issues is included in a multi-authored volume edited by Ken Easley, a colleague, and Chris Morgan, a former student (B & H, 2013).


    My wife and I love to travel.  For photo albums of our trips (and other pix), go to www.facebook.com, log in, and request to be a friend so you can access the photos at my profile page.  Blessings!