International Relations

International Relations  

Africa News Online
Africa Policy Information Center
Amnesty International
The Asia Foundation
Center for International Policy

Center for Strategic and International Studies
Chicago Council on Global Affairs
CIA World Factbook
Council of Foreign Relations
European Union

Foreign Governments on the Web (UMich)
Freedom House
Global Policy Forum
Human Rights Watch
IANWeb International Relations Resources

Center of International Relations (U of British Columbia)
International Agencies and Information on the Web (UMich)
International Court of Justice
International Monetary Fund

International Women's Rights ActionWatch
ISN:  International Relations and Security Network
Janes Defense Weekly
KFOR - NATO Force in Kosovo

National Committee on American Foreign Policy
The National Interest
National Security Archive
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Organization of American States
Red Cross
Ronald Deibert's International Relations Resources

University of Michigan's IR Links
United Nations
War, Peace, and Security Guide

Washington Quarterly
World Bank
World News Connection
World Policy Institute

World Trade Organization


This is a list of sources that cover issues from many different political and ideological positions.  An organization's inclusion on this list does not imply that Union University or I endorse any of these organizations or their views.