General Political Information

Archive of Presidential Speeches
American History On-Line
Avalon Project (primary documents in IR)
Cal-Irvine Political Science Resources
CIA World Factbook
Documents in the News
Election Resources on the Internet
Foreign Affairs Online
Guide to Political Research Online
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social  Research
National Archives and Records Administration
National Political Index
Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry
Political Humor
Political Resources on the Net
Political Site of the Day
Poly-Cy: Internet Resources for Political Science
Political Science: A Net Station
Political Science Research Guide (IU)
Political Science Research Resources on the Web (UMich)
Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources
Richard Jensen's Guide to PSC/IR
Statistical Abstract of the US
The Ultimate Political Science Links Page
Yahoo! Government and Politics
Yahoo! Political Science Listings
The Virtual Library:  Regional Studies
Working Papers in Political Science
WCSU:  Political Science Internet Resources
The WWW Virtual Library:  International Affairs

This is a list of sources that cover issues from many different political and ideological positions.  An organization's inclusion on this list does not imply that Union University or I endorse any of these organizations or their views.