Additional Steps for Better Prose

  1. Prepositions are not good words to end sentences with. 

  2. Be careful to use adjectives and adverbs correct. 
  4. Always proofread to see if you any words out. 
  5. Avoid the use of ampersands & abbreviations, etc. 
  6. Parenthetical remarks (even when relevant) are distracting. 
  7. Its important to use apostrophe's with great care. 
  8. It is better not to unnecessarily split an infinitive. 
  9. About sentence fragments. 
  10. Avoid unnecessary redundancy. 
  11. A writer must avoid shifting your point of view. 
  12. A verb must agree with their subjects. 
  13. Foreign words and phrases are not apropos. 
  14. Never generalize. 
  15. Watch out for irregular verbs that have creeped into our language. 
  16. Steer clear of quotations. "I hate quotations," Ralph Waldo Emerson said. 
  17. Metaphors are like similes. 
  18. Be more or less specific. 
  19. Understatement is always the best. 
  20. Exaggeration is a billion times worse. 
  21. The passive voice is to be avoided. 
  22. Use colloquialisms when pigs fly. 
  23. Even if a mixed metaphor sings, it should be derailed. 
  24. Who needs rhetorical questions? 
  25. Above all, writing should be sincere, whether you mean it or not.