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Web's focus on persuasion and influence allows him to help individuals and groups cut through the clutter to communicate what is most important to audiences, co-workers, customers, or group members.

In his capacity as Communication Professor, Web has taught classes and conducted workshops in a varity of communication endeavors including public speaking, interviewing, and argumentation.


Web has worked with a wide variety of people getting them ready for an even wider variety of occasions.  From preparing Andy Wimberly for his talks on "The Parent-Care Solution" to preparing Coach Steve Rives for his first foray into speaking to an FCA Rally, Web has done it all.  He worked with the New Orleans' Saints scouts preparing them to better communicate to the coaching staff and players what they learn on the road and in camp.  He's worked with pageant contestants, contest entrants, and of course his own debate team.  He has seen champions, scholarship recipients, and successful business interactions.  If you have a need to address an audience, any audience, Web can get you ready!


Web has prepared his clients for beauty pageants, job interviews, scholarship interviews, even research interviews.  Web's focus on true communication and interaction takes the focus off the interviewee and places it squarely on the subject at hand, which is where it should be.  His clients have seen drastic improvement and success as a direct result of his instruction and guidance.


This is where Web truly excels.  As the Director of Forensics at Mississippi College, Web has years of training his students in critical thinking, verbal fluidity, and persuasion.  In training students for academic debate, Web has uncovered a wealth of ways to, as John Maxwell might say, "win with people."  Although the only way to truly win an argument is avoid it, conflict is inevitable in situations where more than one voice is heard and valued.  Web teaches his clients how to best present their side of the discussion so that others can understand their position, and ultimately the best choice will be made.

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