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Web's general philosophy when it comes to Christianity and the Dramatic Arts centers around Truth.  Drama is about searching for it: the "truth of the moment," the "spine of the character," the "heart of the matter."  Christianity is about knowing it: embodied in the person of Jesus Christ.  Thus, Christian Drama is the ultimate expression of Truth.  Web tries to express that Truth every time he takes to the stage, through a variety of ways of course, but always a search for and expression of Truth.

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Web has a long and successful track record in drama as an actor, teacher, director, and playwright.


Web has performed before churches, conferences, festivals, and select audiences for almost 20 years.  Recently, he has been showing "Perspectives on the Cross" which features 10 voices of those who were at the cross or were directly affected by it.  This performance set has been put on cd and is for sale through this site if you are interested.  Just use the contact information below.  His other sets include "Voices of Joseph" which is a chronological exploration of what Jesus' earthly father went through leading up to the birth, "Profiles in Courage" which examines those who have died or lived for their faith, and "Stories from the Book" which is a large selection of one monologue from every book in the Bible that can be arranged to meet a variety of performance needs.


Web is Associate Professor and Chair the Department of Communication Arts at Union University.  In that capacity, he has had the opportunity to work with some excellent young actors.  He also taught at the Mississippi Christian Performing Arts Festival every year.  He has also worked with the Robert Powers organization and done a good bit of private consultation as well.  Whatever your goal, Web can get you there!


Web directed a major production in Aven Little Theater on the campus of Mississippi College for the 10 years.  He now directs in W.D. Powell Theater at Union University.  His most recent offering was his own work, "Reap the Whirlwind."  He has directed Moliere, Tennessee Williams, Lillian Hellman, Oscar Wilde, and others.  He has also helped individuals prepare for performance auditions in a variety of venues from screen to stage.


Web's first foray into the full-length play is "Reap the Whirlwind."  The play is somewhat of a response to the classic, "Inherit the Wind."  This time, the evidence in favor of evolution does come up for examination, unlike the original which reversed what happened historically by making the prosecution the ones who kept science out of the courtroom.  The play was extremely well received at Mississippi College where it debuted this past October.  Web is currently undertaking the arduous task of publishing the play in a more universal format.  He is also wrote "So, What Happened Was. . . Viewpoints and Stories" which is a collection of the monologues from which he does his repertory performances.

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