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What Is It?

The SPEC Method consists of 36 dimensions in 4 categories.

    It all starts with your STYLE.  Are you presenting the gospel message in the best possible light?

  • Are you likeable? 
  • Are you confident without being smug? 
  • Is your appearance appropriate?
  • How is your tone?

    Are you POISED?  Are you communicating what you mean to through all possible channels?

  • What gestures are you using?  Are they appropriate?
  • How do you do when you get out from behind the pulpit?
  • Do you have enough and appropriate eye contact?
  • Are you using your notes appropriately?

    How is your ELOCUTION?  How is your delivery?

  • Is your message communicated clearly and fluently? 
  • How is your rate?  Your volume?  Your accent?  Your inflections?
  • Do you have too many verbal pauses?
  • How do you use silences?
  • Are you keeping your church awake? 

    Finally, what are you saying?  How is your CONTENT?

  • Is your introduction attention-grabbing and topic-focused?
  • Is the body of your sermon well-structured and logical?
  • Do you have a point that everyone can and will remember?
  • Does your conclusion drive home your point?
  • Are you supporting and highlighting your main point appropriately?


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