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Why Should I Do It?

If you have the chance to improve your skill in communicating God’s eternal truths, why wouldn’t you?  We are challenged to grow, to sharpen, and to increase.  Whether you are just out of seminary with echoes of your homiletics professors still in your head or a 50 year veteran of the pulpit, Web’s focus on public speaking will give you new insights into how you can exercise your spiritual gifts even better than you already are!  So, get started today!


What Can It Do for Me?

Let’s be honest, how much unbiased, practical criticism do we really get once we are out of seminary?  We go to conferences and hear great preachers.  We may even go to a workshop to remind ourselves of what we are supposed to be doing.

But here is an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up.  An opportunity to have an EXPERT in public communication help you get better at the primary thing you get paid to do, at the primary thing you are called to do! 

Don’t pass up this opportunity to:
•    Get honest, no-nonsense feedback.
•    Learn ways to improve your preaching.
•    Learn ways to better communicate what God has laid on your heart.
•    Sharpen the skills that God has given you.

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