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Speaking primarily on the impact of traditional values on today's society, Web uses stories, sometimes humorous, sometimes heart-warming, to bring home a powerful message.

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Web is an award-winning platform speaker.  A former After-Dinner, Extemporaneous, Persuasive, and Impromptu state champion, Web has over 19 years' experience as a platform speaker.  Having taught public speaking for 12 years, Web understands the process both practically and theoretically.  He is capable of adjusting both his style and content to meet a variety of occasions and audiences.


Web has years of experience behind the pulpit and the lectern.  He has been teaching a Sunday School class for years, has done pulpit supply, and has filled numerous Interim Pastorates.  He has also spoken at Bible studies, seminars, and workshops.  Recent engagements have included the Men's Luncheon at FBC-Jackson where he also teaches Sunday School, an Interim Pastorate at Pickens Baptist Church, and a stint headlining for Wednesday Night Live.


Web's practical applications make him an ideal business speaker.  Demonstrating through concrete examples how our value systems effect how we treat each other and our customers, Web focuses on practical ideas that can improve a corporation's culture as well as its bottom line.  Web has spoken to the scouts for the New Orleans Saints and the Capital Area Human Resource Professionals.


Web's blend of story-telling, drama, and exposition make him an ideal guest for your social or civic club or organization.  Web speaks of values in a way that is universal to every culture and society without compromising his own personal belief system.


Every group has those special times when it wants to really shine.  From Valentine's and Christmas Banquets to patriotic meetings, Web is ready to reach out to your group with the sense of community and togetherness that defines his talks.

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