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Web is still trying to find his way in the world of publication, but he does have a variety of offerings and projects both completed and in the offing.  He writes from definitive worldview and does so unapologetically.  As a Christian, an intellectual, and a parent, Web addresses the world has he sees it.


Lessons for a Lifetime: Advice to My Children is a discussion of over 50 of the values which I hope to pass on to my children.  They are written in the form of letters.  The individual lessons ran in serial form in the Jackson Christian Family magazine for a while.  Topics range from adventure and  commitment to trust and work.  They are meant to be discussion-starters for parents and their children.

Web is currently completing The Dothan Doctrine which points out a variety of ways the story of Elisha in Dothan teaches us to deal with crisis situations.


"So, What Happened Was. . .: Viewpoints and Stories" is a collection of monologues.  The almost 50 voices range from Biblical to modern, from funny to touching, and from subtle to direct. The pieces range from 3-10 minutes in performance time, so they are easy to read as well.  If you have never read drama, you should give it a try.  It's immediate, impactful, and cathartic!

"Reap the Whirlwind" is Web's first foray into the full-length play.  The play is somewhat of a response to the classic, "Inherit the Wind."  This time, the evidence in favor of evolution does come up for examination, unlike the original which reversed what happened historically by making the prosecution the ones who kept science out of the courtroom.  The play was extremely well received at Mississippi College where it debuted this past October.  Web is currently undertaking the arduous task of publishing the play in a more universal format.

Web is also working on a collection of sketches called "Choices" which will be aimed at teenagers and all the tempations they face, "Domino" which will be a one-woman show about the influences we have on the lives of others, and "OCD" which will concern the struggles of living with that disorder.


Web also teaches and practices speech-writing.  He has ghost-written for a variety of individuals as well as delivering his own work.  Recent examples of his own speeches are the eulogy for his dear friend and student Lindsay Miller and his chapel address to the Mississippi College freshman class.

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