G. Jan Wilms, Ph.D.


1050 Union University Drive

Jackson, TN 38305-3697


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·         Certifications: CNA, Network+, A+, Linux+, MCSA, MOUS, IC3

·         Ph.D. in Computer Science from Mississippi State University (GPA 4.0). Dec. ’95 Dissertation title: Automated Induction of a Lexical Sublanguage Grammar Using a Hybrid System of Corpus- and Knowledge-based Techniques.

·         Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Mississippi (GPA 4.0) May ‘88. Thesis title: A Natural Language Interface for an Intelligent Document Information and Retrieval System.

·         Master of Arts in English from the University of Mississippi (GPA 3.57) Dec. ‘85. Thesis title: The Reception of Fenimore Cooper's Writings by his Contemporaries.

·         Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Flemish from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (cum laude) May ‘84.

·         Teacher Licensure (grades 7-12) for Dutch and ESL.


Relevant Experience

·         Chair (Fall ‘05– present) of the Computer Science Department at Union University.

·         Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences ('02-'03 through '04-'05, and '07-'08). Also CS Discipline Coordinator for the Mathematics / Computer Science Department.

·         Chair ('96-'97 trough '01-'02) of the Mathematics / Computer Science Department at Union University.

·         Tenured Professor (Jan. ‘03 - present) at Union University. Teaching upper-level undergraduate courses and literacy classes for non-majors. Responsible for developing a Digital Media Studies major, a networking and a computer maintenance class, a senior seminar course & and for teaching special-topics classes such as Artificial Intelligence, GIS and Web Services.

·         Committee responsibilities:

o        Member of the Long-Term Strategic Planning Committee (QIC: ‘94 – ‘95 and ‘95 – ‘96; Academic Council: '02 – Summer ‘05)

o        Chair of Faculty Affairs Committee (‘94, ‘95, and ‘97 – ’98); President of the Faculty Forum: ‘98 – ’99;  Convener of the Chairs Council (‘97 – ’98)

o        Technology: Member of the Technology MasterPlan TaskForce (‘98 – ’00),  Chair of the Library / Resources Standing Committee (‘99 – ’00), Faculty Representative on ARIS Council ('01 – present).

o        Past responsibilities:  Center for Faculty Development, International Studies Advisory Council

·         Associate Professor (Jan. ‘97 – Dec. ‘02) at Union University.

·         Assistant Professor (Aug. ‘92 – Dec. ‘96) at Union University.

·         Research Assistant, at Mississippi State University (MSU), Aug ‘91 – Jul ‘92. Developed a prototype to automate the induction of a sublanguage grammar using a hybrid system of statistical and knowledge-based techniques. Part of a larger NSF-funded project to automatically build and update a knowledge base through the analysis of natural language text.

·         Systems Analyst, Aug. ‘90 –  Jul. ‘91 at the Logistics Branch of the Belgian Army. Developed programs in dBase and Clipper.

·         Lecturer at MSU, Summer ‘88 - Summer ‘90. Responsible for teaching and coordinating introductory and intermediate service courses, as well as supervising laboratory assistants. Also taught "Applied Computing Concepts I & II" to graduate, non-technical majors.

·         Instructor (Fall ‘87 –  Spring ‘88) and Teaching Assistant (‘86 – ‘87) at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Computer Science Department: programming languages, data structures.

·         Teaching Assistant (‘85 – ‘86) at the English Department: Freshmen Composition.

·         Consultant at the Ole Miss computer center, first with the Amdahl mainframe, then in the graphics microlab. Conducted seminars on available software (‘84 – ‘87)

·         Tutor (English, math, computer languages) with the MSU Athletic Academics (Fall ‘89 – Summer ‘90) and the Ole Miss housing program (‘84 – ‘85)


Presentations and Publications

·         “Member of a CGE educational delegation to Myanmar, Jan ’05.

·         “QuizMaster: a software-based student response system” presented at the CCCU2004 Conference on Technology, Jun 4 ’04.

·         Facilitator of the “Hot Topics In IT” breakout session at the CCCU2003 Conference on Technology, Union University, May 29 ’03.

·         Visiting Scholar with the ELIC program at the Inner Mongolia Electric Power College, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, May ’02.

·         “Using Advanced Excel to Facilitate the Administrative & Strategic Role of the Chair” presented at the 19th Annual Chairpersons Conference, February 7 ’02.

·         “Understanding The Role Of Disciplinary Culture In Information Science”, team presentation at the CCCU2001 Conference on Technology, Cedarville University, June ’01.

·         “Digital Media Studies: Creating an interdisciplinary major - purpose, process, and implementation” presented at the CCCU2000 Conference on Technology, Azusa Pacific June ’00.

·         “A Practical Project in JAVA to Teach Client/Server Programming”, presented at the Mid-SouthEast ACM Fall Conference, Gatlinburg, TN, Oct ‘97.

·         Interview on WBBJ 6 PM news on the Y2K problem, Oct 11 ’97.

·         “Using a Hybrid System of Corpus- and Knowledge-Based Techniques to Automate the Induction of a Lexical Sublanguage Grammar”, Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING), Kopenhagen Denmark, Aug ‘96, pp 1163-66.

·         Belli, Manual, Hodges, Wilms. "Hardwood. A Decision-Making Tool for Bottomland Hardwood Stands in the Gulf South", The Compiler Vol 11, no 2, ‘93, pp 4-7.

·         "Using Corpus-Based Techniques to Customize a Lexicon for a New Domain", Proceedings of the 31st Annual SE Regional ACM Conference, Birmingham AL, Apr ‘93, pp 343-346.

·         "Automatic Extraction of a Sublanguage Grammar", Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the Classification Society of North America, East Lansing MI, Jun ‘92.

·         "Using an On-line Dictionary to Extract a List of Sense-Disambiguated Synonyms", Proceedings of the 30th Annual SE Regional ACM Conference, Raleigh NC, Apr ‘92, pp 15-22.

·         "Extracting a List of Sense-Disambiguated Synonyms", Proceedings of the first SE Cognitive Science Conference, Atlanta GA, Jan ‘92, p 50.

·         "Computerizing a Machine Readable Dictionary", Proceedings of the 28th Annual SE Regional ACM Conference, Greenville SC, Spring ‘90, pp 306-313.

·         Boggess, Hodges, Cordova, Wilms. "The Automatic Extension of a Knowledge Base through Natural Language Expressions", Technical Report MS890801, Mississippi State, ‘89.

·         "A Natural Language Interface for an Intelligent Document Evaluation and Analysis System", Proceedings of the 26th Annual SE Regional ACM Conference, Mobile AL, Spring ‘88, pp 218-223.

·         Schoenly, Wilms, Mustapha. Intelligent Document Information Retrieval System for Determinants of Medication Research Literature Collection, presented at the National ACM Conference, Atlanta GA, ‘88.

·         "Monkey and Bananas: Monotonic Problem solving in Prolog", Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences, vol XXXII ‘87, p 60.


Academic Awards, Grants, Honors, and Organizations

·   The Newell Innovative Teaching Award– honorable mention (’06-‘07).

·   Teaching and Learning Grant from Union University to attend an IEEE conference in Taiwan (’06-’07).

·   Research Leave for Fall ’05 – taught a semester at Suan Sunandha University, Bangkok Thailand.

·   Undergraduate Research Grant from Union University (’05-‘06 and '06-'07).

·   Active Learning Pedagogy Grant from Union University (’03-‘04).

·   Study Grant from Union University (Summer ’03).

·   International/Intercultural  Program Development Grant (Winter ’03).

·   Teagle Grant for Faculty/Student Research (’02-'03).

·   Teagle Grant for New Course Development: to write a textbook for a lab-based Networking class using Linux (Spring ’01).

·   Teagle Grant to attend the Academic Chairpersons Conference (‘01 & ‘02) and Teaching Development Conferences (Syllabus ‘00 & Educause ‘01)

·   Grants in-kind:

¨       Cisco CIAG Product Grant (±$15,000 ’06-’07))

¨       Microsoft Instructional Lab Grant ‘96 ($59,720) and ‘97 ($21,797)

¨       Borland Curriculum Grant ‘97 ($28,900)

¨       Oracle Academic Alliance Program ‘97 ($2,868,000)

¨       Sattler Foundation (Mathematica) ‘97 ($1,000)

·    Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

·    Member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE)

·    Member of Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME)

·    Selected for Who’s Who Among American Teachers (’98, '02 and ‘04)

·    Nominated for the National Dean's List (‘88 – ’89)

·   Received the Graduate Student Achievement Award for outstanding MS student at the University of Mississippi School of Engineering (‘87 – ’88)

·    Won first prize in the ACM graduate student paper competition (Gatlinburg, Fall ‘87)


Research Interests

Networking; Operating Systems; Security/Forensics; Web Development; GIS